Hi, thanks for stopping by to learn a little about .retool., cool San Francisco makers.
Best friends Jamye and Jacob founded .retool. featuring  cool accessories that are not only vegan-friendly, but that also emphasize style and function. I spoke with Jacob who shared some thoughts and images of their great work.

Who is the .retool. family?

Jacob and Jamye
.retool. is Jacob (me) and Jamye.  I do the bulk of the production and design work as well as the Etsy shop maintenance. Jamye is beginning to get more involved on the production side. He also does a bunch of our social media promotion and helps coordinate with the local shops that carry our products. 

The other integral member of the .retool. team is my boyfriend Will. He is one of our biggest supporters and very graciously helps out by chauffeuring us to shows, helping us set up, and occasionally even bringing us lunch.

How did you come up with the name?
We wanted a name that reflected our intention of using re-purposed materials and that was flexible enough to apply to some of our other interests.  For example, we are starting to explore building electronic musical instruments out of old video game controllers. So one of the main concepts behind .retool. is transformation.

What is your favorite thing that you’ve made?

M-6 messenger bag in black and teal

What’s your favorite product in your store?

the new  passport wallet that also works quite nicely as a smartphone carrier/wallet.

Any work in process?

a crop of 4 seatbelt wallets

What’s the future of .retool.?


prototyping for iPad Mini case

Where do you work on your stuff?

How do you like being an Etsy seller in San Francisco?
I love selling on Etsy.  There’s such a wide array of handmade and vintage goods (and supplies!) that it’s easy to get sucked in just looking at what’s out there.  Being on Etsy has really pushed us to improve how we present our products – we’ve come a long way from our first batch of listing photos and descriptions! We feel pretty lucky to be in San Francisco with such a supportive community of talented and creative makers, especially the awesome SF Etsy team. 

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